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2-B-1 — Two-Room Apartment «Business»

Spacious and elegant, this is a really wonderful accommodation Poltava can provide to its tourists. It is located in the historic heart of Poltava, and the windows offer an amazing view of the central city square.

Authorized design in a «High-Tech» style and the top quality of interior decoration make this apartment a perfect rental variant for those who appreciate stylish interiors. The separated bedroom will bring a desired privacy and piece. Home theatre will relieve your evenings. Apartment is also provided with microwave oven, washing machine, and modern shower unit.

General Information


$1 / day

Sleeping Accommodation

  • Living Room: sofa (2 berths)
  • Bedroom: bed (2 berths)

Appliances and Facilities

  • Living Room: air-conditioner, DVD-player, home theater, TV
  • Bedroom: TV
  • Kitchen: gas stove, microwave oven, oven, refrigerator, washing machine
  • Bathroom: hairdryer, shower unit
  • General: cable television, iron, ironing board, satellite television, telephone, Wi-Fi internet


Living Room
Living Room
Living Room

Virtual Tour

Living Room

Apartment on the city map

Address: Nebesnoy Sotni st., 2.

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