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Rent Conditions

Agency Specialization

Apartment agency «Day & Night» provides services of daily and short-term (hourly) apartments renting in Poltava.

Peculiarities of a Daily Rent:

  • a rental day is considered a period of time from 14:00 of the current day till 12:00 of the next day;
  • the order can be placed in a month before the planned renting;
  • booking (prepayment) is a ground of the apartment reservation for a desired time period;
  • accommodation in apartment is possible only if a 100% cost of the whole renting term is paid off and your identification document (passport) is shown.

Peculiarities of Short-Term Rent:

  • apartment order is possible only for the current date;
  • standard rent duration is 4 hours;
  • service is available from 14:00 till 18:00;
  • order is possible only if apartment is free for the required period and there are no service works planned for this time;
  • rental cost, its duration and possibility of using this service in the other time is discussed individually.

Rental Cost

Rental cost specified for every apartment includes:

  • obligatory apartment preparation (rooms cleaning and bathroom fixtures disinfecting) before client's accommodation;
  • needed quantity of upscale bed linen and towels according to the number of guests;
  • use of electronics, home appliances, dishes and flatware;
  • use of electricity, hot and cold water;
  • watching cable (satellite) TV;
  • access to the landline;
  • high-speed internet via wireless (Wi-Fi) interface;
  • for the long-term orders a free weekly cleaning with changing the bed linen and towels is considered.

The following services are available for additional payment and individual agreements:

  • additional cleaning with needed periodicity in the time convenient for clients;
  • providing of needed home appliances (microwave oven, toaster, etc.), additional bedding (blankets, towels), kitchenware (pans, saucepans) or dinner sets.

In a free addition every apartment is supplied with a leaf tea and ground natural coffee.


You may order any apartment presented on site, on a specific date or required period of time. You can make an order in the following ways:

  1. Make a call on number +38 (067) 532-00-70 (24 hours a day).

    Agency manager answering your call will notify you about availability of this or that apartment for the ordering on needed data, and will also suggest other variants that match your criteria.

  2. Fill the common booking request or the form on the page of selected apartment.

    For enabling the agency to consider all your requirements in searching the variants, we recommend you to specify an additional information like «Required number of rooms», «Number of persons», and so on.

    After processing your request our manager will get through to you by your specified contacts, offer you the best of all accessible variants, and answer your questions. At the same time you will get notification on the specified email address, consisting link to the site page with details about proposal rent variants.


Booking is a guaranty of accommodation in the apartment chosen by you or offered by the agency. To book the apartments for the whole renting period so that it will be waiting for your arrival, you have to prepay for the part of renting period. The prepayment amount depends on planned rental duration and is equal to:

  • cost of one rental day for the orders between 3 and 7 days;
  • cost of two rental days for the orders between 7 and 14 days;
  • for the orders duration more than 14 days amount is discussed individually;

Booking should be paid off within two days since you've got a invoice, after that you'll receive notification with a document (deposit), where the payment identification will be specified.

Amount paid for booking is included into the general order cost and is kept back at the final payment that is necessary at accommodation.

If you don't pay for booking after the ordering, the agency doesn't book the apartment for you, and at your arrival you'll be proposed one of acceptable apartments that are not booked for the whole needed rental period.

Pay attention! Prepayment is not paid back if you didn't arrive at all or settled not in a date specified in your order. It is possible to correct the start date and rent duration individually, if you notify the agency not later than three days beforehand the specified date; however the agency reserves the right to offer the apartment that became free due to the changed rental conditions.

Force-Majeure. In rare cases, for the reasons beyond our control, the agency isn't able to provide the needed apartment for rent. Among such cases may appear, for instance, lack of water, power outage, need of urgent repair after previous order etc. In the case of such obstacles the agency is obliged to provide an apartment of the similar of higher class without additional payments for the period of force-majeure obstacles.


To pay the booking as well as the whole rental cost you may choose any of the following ways of payment:

  • cash payment in our office or to the agency representative at accommodation to the apartment;
  • on-line payment using VISA or MasterCard;
  • cash payment from the kiosks in PrivatBank departments (Ukraine);
  • depositing the PrivatBank card;
  • payment via express money transferring systems: Western Union, PrivatMoney;
  • non-cash payment is provided for the legal entities.

You will get payment details and additional payment information after the booking request proceeding and order confirmation.

Pay attention! The basis of payment is an electronic invoice (ID) formed on the site, fax or original bill stamped by the agency. Payments made without regarding these reasons are considered invalid.


Agency «Day & Night» accepts cash and online payments. Business travelers and legal entities are provided with all needed documents.


Deposit is an essential attribute of the apartment rental process. A deposit in the amount of the daily rental price of the selected apartment must be made immediately before the start of the rental. The deposit acts as a guarantee of compliance with the rules of living in a rented apartment. In case of successful completion of the lease, the deposit is returned to the client. Otherwise, the agency reserves the right to refuse to return the deposit.

The deposit is NOT refundable in the following cases:

  • loss of keys;
  • smoking in the apartment;
  • damage to agency property.

Begin of Renting (Arrival)

14:00 (or later if your schedule needs) is considered a start renting time in a day specified in the field «Begin» of your request.

Early arrival (earlier than 14:00) is discussed individually and is available for free if it's possible. If you need to move to apartment earlier than the defined day of renting, you have to notify the agency when placing the order and pay additionally for the 50% of a daily rental cost.

The agency employee will meet you in a specified time at the address of prepared apartment, and will present an apartment, show you facilities, appliances and accessories available to use, and will also instruct you in necessary questions.

In a final part of ordering you should show your identification document (passport) proving your identity and pay the whole rental cost considering prepayment made earlier, and after that you'll get the apartment keys.

Pay attention! You are responsible for the keys till they are with you, and return them only to the agency employee by prior arrangement with manager.

End of Renting (Departure)

12:00 (or earlier if your schedule needs) is considered an end renting time in a day specified in the field «End» of your request.

Late departure (after 12:00) is discussed individually and is available for free if it's possible. In case you need to stay in apartment later than it's defined by the renting day, you need to report this when placing the order and pay additionally for the 50% of a daily rental cost.

In a departure day you have to coordinate the time when the agency employee could check the apartment and take the keys with our manager in advance (at least an hour before departure).

Pay attention! In a case of some material damage to the property of agency in rental apartment you have to repay the specified cost at your own expense.

Responsibilities of Client

Making a decision to use the agency services, you commit yourself to observe the rules of the agency as well as generally accepted norms of behavior in society.

Rent is impossible in the following cases:

  • animals in apartment or using the apartment not for its intended purpose (office, celebration, photography and so on) without prior arrangement with manager;
  • disregard of rules of electrical and fire safety;
  • rough disturbance of neighbors;
  • exceeding the number of guests specified in the order;
  • material damage to the property of agency in apartment.

In case of not meeting the requirements mentioned above, eviction is possible at any time without returning the money paid.

Guarantees of the Agency

Administration of the agency and its personnel 24 hours a day and 7 days a week work for you to feel good and comfortable in our apartments and be sure in following:

  • all apartments are rented without intermediates and are directly managed by the agency;
  • employees of the agency guarantee an ideal cleanness in rooms, disinfection of bathroom fixtures along with regular quartz treatment of rooms;
  • you'll be provided by fresh and clean bed linen and upscale towels passed through washing, drying, ironing and obligatory thermal treatment;
  • beds are provided with orthopedic mattresses, construction of sofas includes spring boxes;
  • home appliances and electronics are ready to use;
  • agency guarantees that during your stay the apartment keys will be kept only by agency employees;
  • agency employees will never bother guests without preliminary agreement;
  • agency guarantees confidentiality of its clients and noninterference in their personal and business life.

We are sure that regardless of rental cost and duration, financial soundness and individual preferences our clients get the best service of non-compromise quality from the whole range of propositions of the apartments rental market in Poltava. You may become personally certain in this when using the agency services.

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